Modern way of living demands new approach in everything around us. The methods of teaching and learning are also changing day by day. New technologies, computers, laptops, I-phones, the Internet resources are widely used among adults, young people and children as well. The development of technologies opens the new way in process of learning.

Therefore, the main goal of modern teacher - choose methods and forms of learning activities of students who best meet the objective set of individuals.

Recent years have increasingly raised questions about the use of new educational technologies in schools. It is not only new hardware, but new forms and methods of teaching, new approach to the learning process. The main purpose of learning a foreign language is the formation and development of the communicative culture of students, teaching practical learning of foreign languages.

The task of the teacher is to create the conditions for the practical mastery of the language for each student to choose such training methods that will allow each student to show their activity, their creativity. The task of the teacher - student enhance cognitive activities in the process of learning a foreign language.

Modern international programs that are just beginning to develop, have found an important place in the system of self-education students. One of such program is - e-Twinning program. This program helps to implement a number of tasks such as training in collaboration, design methods, the use of new information technologies, implement personnel-oriented approach in training, providing individualized and differentiated learning with regard to the children, their level of knowledge.

E-Twinning it’s good opportunities to develop international connections and to enrich pupil’s skills in different kinds of work. Thanks to different programs and projects - Edmodo, Moodle, Blended Learning, international Blog, on-line games.

E-Twinning program it's a program of  formation in scientifically-educational space on the basis of modern means of telecommunications and information technology, developments of system of relationship of European schools, realization of educational projects with use of remote technologies.

E-Twinning program is useful not only for teachers of educational institutions of all levels but for schoolboys.

Recently we often speak about using the new information technologies in Educational Establishment.

The main task of teaching foreign languages is forming and developing communicative culture of students, teaching practical using foreign languages.

Teacher’s task is to activate students’ perceiving activity in the process of teaching foreign languages.

Thanks to E-Twinning program we can use nearly all contemporary pedagogical technologies such as teaching in cooperation, project method, using new informational technologies; Internet resources help to realize personal orientation approach in teaching, support individualization and differentiation of teaching in pupils' abilities.

As for me E-Twinning gives us good opportunities to increase learning motivation of foreign languages.

Using E -Twinning program during English lessons we can intensify academic process.

E-Twinning gives possibility for teacher to pay attention to creative aspects of working with pupils.

Favorable possibilities of different E-Twinning sites for organizing pupils’ individual work at the English lesson.

Pupils can communicate with their friends from different countries to learn separate themes and also know something interesting about culture, traditions to be able to revise any topics, to get right answer and at the end of forming skills in speaking.

Of course, teacher must take active part in forming teaching topics or projects and help students to decide this or that task.

E-Twining program it’s a new step in teaching and learning languages.